Project 333

Go thirty days with 33 pieces of clothing. That’s the only rule of project 333.
I’ve decided to take the challenge because I’m trying to dive more into minimalism. I’m not going to include my lounge clothes, underwear, ring, purse, belt, and glasses; but I will include all of my clothing, shoes, and scarves in this challenge.


Here are my clothes for the next 30 days.
Not included in the count are the coat and everything on the top shelf, which are lounge clothes including: 2 pullovers, 12 cat shirts (a collection), a pair of shorts, and two pairs of sweats. I’ll list my 33 items in another post.
I’m going to try to post my outfits daily to show that minimalism doesn’t have to be boring.




Today’s outfit:
3/4 sleeve top- Rue21
White shorts- Goodwill (Old Navy brand)
Roxy Loafers/Sneakers- Journey’s


Two years!


For not posting regularly, I think I’ve done well these past two years here. 🙂


Why I Dropped Out of High School

I had a dream last night about the class of 2015 (my class) graduating high school. It was one of my worst dreams in a while. In the dream, I was basically bawling the whole time because all of my friends were walking the stage and I wasn’t… All because I made the decision to withdraw from high school.
I don’t really like saying that I “dropped out.” There’s too much negative connotation to that. I’m not lazy or stupid, which is what people think when they hear that you’re a dropout. I prefer to say that I have withdrawn from school.
So why did I stop going to highschool if I’m not stupid or lazy?
The biggest reason is because I was in and out of the hospital for anxiety-related disorders for about six months of the school year. A lot, or even most, of the anxiety was related to school.
Whilst is the hospital, a psychiatric hospital, there was a school there to attend. At first I went to that school just fine and stayed caught up, but then eventually my anxiety and depression peaked and the fifth grade level work was even too much for me. ( note that I was taking honors classes when I was attending my Junior year before the hospitalization.) I fell behind mostly in math so I didn’t think too much of it.
Then I was discharged and went back to real school where they took me out of all of my honors classes to reduce my school-related anxiety. I went to school for about a week and a half and then it was Christmas break.
The first day back to school after the break was just too much for me and I overdosed for the third time, putting me back into the psychiatric hospital.
During this hospitalization, I was put on a medication that caused me to sleep all day, so I missed quite a bit of school and feel very behind. My attendance rate was like 40%.
Then there was a girl at the hospital with me who was considering dropping out and that’s basically where I got the idea from. I talked to my grandma and my parents about taking my GED and withdrawing from school and they were all surprisingly okay with the idea. Turns out, my step mom got her GED!
So I took the pretest for the highschool equivalency and got the highest score.
When I got out of the hospital, I officially withdrew from highschool.
I still haven’t taken the GED test, but am planning to sometime this month. I am currently working with vocational rehabilitation to be able to start school in the spring for either nutrition or medical administrative assisting.


Things My Friend Girl and I Are Going to Do When We’re Reunited

So I have had a lover since my birthday, January 22. She’s amazing, she flips me off and tells me how much she hates me daily- if not more (and it’s wonderful), sugar is her addiction, she is a whole inch shorter than me, she plays guitar like an angel would play the harp, she SUCKS- is better than me- at mad hot basketball, and she doesn’t understand people’s fascination with butts.
She lives 140 miles away from me so I have created a list of things I want us to do together when we’re reunited.
1. Hug (a lot)
2. Hold hands (we were in a place where we were not allowed to touch)
3. Take selfies/ Have an awesome photo shoot
4. Eat ice cream
5. Pet cats
6. Hold hands some more
7. I’ll let her punch me in the spleen
8. Kiss in the rain
9. Play ‘basketball’
10. Cuddle
11. Have a beard growing contest
12. Watch funny movies
That’s all I’ve got. Any suggestions?


What I Got For Christmas!


Because I’ve got some time right now, I wanted to write my “What I Got For Christmas’ post. Before you read this, I have a disclaimer. I am  in no shape or form trying to brag. I am just excited for what I got, so I am sharing it with you. Merry Christmas everyone!ImageA Tangle Junior! It keeps my hands busy so I don’t pull out my hair.

ImageA pair of boots from Rue21.

ImageFour Spiderman comics.

ImageBurgundy sneakers from Rue21.

ImageA Hello Kitty mug.

ImageHello Kitty pajama bottoms.

Here’s what I got in my stocking too!

ImageA 2014 cat calender, yarn for knitting, a Hello Kitty stocking with markers, warm vanilla sugar body lotion, a push pop, fuzzy socks, Hershey’s filled candy cane, and candy canes.


Another Quick Post…

Sorry that I have been gone for so long. I have been struggling from some mental health issues; I will probably do a post later on explaining that. I just wanted to apologize to everyone that supports my blog for being gone for so long. I will try and do a real post either today or tomorrow. 

Thanks to my readers and followers for being patient.